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I made a lot of mistakes when I was a student. I continued making mistakes for several years, even with several years of industry experience.

But most dangerously, I didn’t know that I was making mistakes! Once I started digging deep into my career and soft skills, then I realized my mistakes and worked on those.


  • Within less than a year, I got much better positions; my salary increased a lot
  • I earned various people and soft skills that were not known to me before.
  • I positioned myself as an expert in my areas of work
  • My work became much more meaningful, impactful, enjoyable, and less stressful.

It hurts me when I see many people making the same mistakes as I did.

To share my learnings, I have started the “Pragmatic Career” newsletter, where I aim to give practical examples of my career mistakes, actionable tips; so that you can implement those in your life and gain results.

Subscribe to the newsletter, comment, and leave your thoughts so that I can make it much better and you can get more benefits.

And share the newsletter with your network so that others can also benefit and we can positively impact this world. You know, sharing is caring!

Here is the 1st issue of the pragmatic career newsletter:

Be Growth-Minded: Make your career and life more painless. Dos and Don’ts to be growth-minded


Junaed is a passionate Software Engineer who worked on Cloud Technology, Enterprise Software, Mobile Apps, Highly Scalable Software Systems, and more. He holds a Master’s Degree in Informatics from TU Munich, one of the best universities for computer science. During and after his academic journey, he started working as a software engineer in several countries and companies, including Airbus, IBM, and others. As an ever-evolving individual who likes to expand his knowledge and field of action, Junaed never ceases to pursue new learning opportunities. Driven by this mindset, he has acquired multiple certifications in Kubernetes, IBM cloud, AWS, and Spring framework - a popular Java framework. During his career, he has learned valuable lessons that he wishes to share with others, whether they have just started their career or need to advance it. That is why he is always on the hunt for ways to spread his knowledge on career growth and mistakes, software engineering best practices, and more subjects.

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