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I was wasting a lot of time on social media, web surfing, and other activities on my mobile phone. The good news is, I have found 2 ways to regain my time

Add friction.

E.g, if you are addicted to smartphones then use app blockers. In iPhone, you can do this using settings->screen time, for android, there are various apps.

  • I gave 10 minutes of time to youtube, facebook, newspapers and other time killing apps.
  • I have made 7-15 o’clock as downtime, so my phone blocks me if I try to use those apps during that time.

Fail safe method

I have added an alarm on top of every hour, e.g at 9, at 10, … The alarm title is: Am I wasting time? start pomodoro

So, even if I am bypassing my phone’s blocking, that alarm will remind me about time wasting. I have found it very very useful.


Junaed is a passionate Software Engineer who worked on Cloud Technology, Enterprise Software, Mobile Apps, Highly Scalable Software Systems, and more. He holds a Master’s Degree in Informatics from TU Munich, one of the best universities for computer science. During and after his academic journey, he started working as a software engineer in several countries and companies, including Airbus, IBM, and others. As an ever-evolving individual who likes to expand his knowledge and field of action, Junaed never ceases to pursue new learning opportunities. Driven by this mindset, he has acquired multiple certifications in Kubernetes, IBM cloud, AWS, and Spring framework - a popular Java framework. During his career, he has learned valuable lessons that he wishes to share with others, whether they have just started their career or need to advance it. That is why he is always on the hunt for ways to spread his knowledge on career growth and mistakes, software engineering best practices, and more subjects.

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