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Key ideas are taken from this video and I added my own blends on top: (note: I have uninstalled YouTube app afterward 🙂 )

1. Preparation

Visualize, what will happen if I don’t change
  • E.g., a patient will lead a bad life
    • As a Muslim, I will waste the opportunities to make my hereafter better
Cut off: 4 types of things
  1. Apps
    • ==delete all social media apps==, Netflix, ==block in your browser==
    • In iPhone, you can block websites and give time limit to websites and app using:
      • settings->screen time-> app limits
      • e.g., I read newspapers and I added time limits to newspaper websites to max 15 minutes per day
      • and block all apps during a specific time of the day using settings->screen time-> downtime
    • Block images in your browser. In iPhone, I use an Extension to block images, you know, sometimes images catch the attention and wastes a lot of time!
    • Use browser plugins for your desktop browser
    • We think we have will power, but do yourself a favor by blocking and deleting those apps
    • Deleting apps, adding time limit to websites, blocking images and setting downtime for apps added huge productivity boost for me.
  2. Unhealthy sex
    • pornography
    • masturbation
  3. Consumables
    • alcohol
    • recreational drugs etc.
    • junk food
  4. Thrill seeking behavior
    • gambling
    • shopping sprees
    • skydiving
How long to detox
  • at least 7 days to 30 days

2. Execution

  • you will feel bored, anxious
    • as you are not using phone, internet
Use the time on other things
- learning
- spending time with good people
- persuing goals

3 practices every single day

  1. ==Self reflection==, where am I now, how much detox target I filled yesterday
    • 10 minutes
      • pray
      • journaling
    • We are so busy with fb, insta, that we can’t have time to think about ourselves
  2. Exercise
    • 30-min walk
    • Pray 5 times/day as a Muslim
    • Exercise: Exercise keep us motivated
  3. ==Connect==
    1. talk to another living human being
      1. can be 5 min with parents, siblings, friends …
    2. Tell other person why you are doing dopamine detox

3. Restoration

Before installing those apps back:
ask these questions:

  • What the person I want to be?
  • What that person spends his time doing?
  • Does this app, subscription help to be the person I want to be? If not, then don’t install these apps

==keep using it every few months to hit a hard reset==


Junaed is a passionate Software Engineer who worked on Cloud Technology, Enterprise Software, Mobile Apps, Highly Scalable Software Systems, and more. He holds a Master’s Degree in Informatics from TU Munich, one of the best universities for computer science. During and after his academic journey, he started working as a software engineer in several countries and companies, including Airbus, IBM, and others. As an ever-evolving individual who likes to expand his knowledge and field of action, Junaed never ceases to pursue new learning opportunities. Driven by this mindset, he has acquired multiple certifications in Kubernetes, IBM cloud, AWS, and Spring framework - a popular Java framework. During his career, he has learned valuable lessons that he wishes to share with others, whether they have just started their career or need to advance it. That is why he is always on the hunt for ways to spread his knowledge on career growth and mistakes, software engineering best practices, and more subjects.

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