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Grow  in Career and Life.

It hurts me when I see people are doing the same mistakes I made before.
I crossed many stages in life; student, software engineer, DevOps...,
I share my mistakes, and experiences so that others can grow and avoid the pitfalls.

#Software Engineering #DevOps #Software Security
Doing well in a job interview is not one thing.
It is a combination of various things. E.g., doing well in:
• HR screening interview
• Technical/core skill-related interviews
• Behavioral interviews
• Salary negotiation in the right way
• Proving soft skills
• Showing motivation
• Asking good questions
• Identifying what is important and demonstrating that you can do those
• Presenting yourself in the right way
• Answering questions in the right way
• Showing your knowledge depth and knowledge breadth
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Junaed is working as a Cloud software engineer at IBM as of 2022 March.

He worked as a software engineer in several companies in several countries.

He did certifications on Kubernetes, IBM, AWS, and Spring framework (a popular Java framework). He has a Master's degree in Informatics from TU Munich, one of the best universities for computer science.

He likes to share knowledge on career growth, career mistakes, life lessons, software engineering best practices, etc.


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